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3rd Place! Woot woot!

That fest I mentioned I entered? I got third place! Totally bragging on it!

Find my fic at the fest or at fanfiction dot net!

Fest Writing

Hello, lovelies,

I did a thing. I wrote for a fest. Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Superhero Fest, actually. Now, as it is somewhat of a contest I can't tell you which story is mine, but I suggest everyone head over to this site (as of me posting this the stories aren't up yet, but they should be very soon), read the stories, and vote for your favorite.

My latest work

Hello, my lovelies,

I wrote a fic for the Hermione Rare Pairs fest. If you want to read it before I post it elsewhere head over to http://hgrarepairs.livejournal.com/16560.html.
Hello, loyal readers!

There are just a few days left to go claim a prompt for the Hermione Smutfest. I'd suggest everyone at least go read through the prompts, because you never know where a plotbunny might come from and we have some great prompts still up for grabs! Just head over to hermione_smut and look through!

Hermione Smut Fest

Hello, those of you who hope beyond hope that I might actually update this on occasion (you dedicated souls).

I'm writing to say that, once again, I am running the Hermione Smut Fest (found here: hermione_smut). If you are 18+ (or of age in your community) please head over there. I'm accepting prompts for the Fest for the next few days, and claiming starts soon. No need to want to write to leave a prompt, and no need to send a prompt if you want to write, participate in what you want, even if it is reading (and reviewing) the hard work of the authors.

Looking forward to seeing people there!


Smutfest claiming

If you want a little inspiration for a dirty little story involving our favorite witch, head over to hermione_smut and pick a prompt!

Hermione Smut Fest

So, I just opened up Round Eight of the Smut Fest to prompting over at hermione_smut. If you are of age and have an idea for a story that you want to see written, please head that direction.

Hermione Smut Fest and other random news

So, I've been bad about this again, haven't I?
I am the new mod at hermione_smut, and I'm running the eighth incarnation of that this year. If you are of age (legal note: seriously, you must be of-age to read the stuff in your country of origin. I have no desire to be responsible for the underaged). That starts in a month, so keep an eye out.
That said I've been going through a lot in RL. My two and a half year old daughter was diagnosed with autism. Various meetings, therapies, etc take up a lot of my time. That's why my writing has slowed down as of late. However she is starting school in September, and hopefully that will afford me a little more time to write.
I do have several WIPs on the way, however.  Hopefully that'll make up for my lack of LJing recently.


I've had a couple inquiries as to sequels or future plans regarding a favorite pairing that I've written. I'll let you know, I get plot bunnies ALL THE TIME. The short ones are usually written and posted within a week to do away with them, but the longer ones fall into two categories- ones that I think about for a week, sit down to outline, and decide that are terrible, and one that I sit down to outline and can't do anything else until at least the outline is finished. So, when it comes down to it, I have four fics that I have not only outlined, but have written a test chapter or two. I have decided that I'm really, really going to try to stop being distracted (and I'll be the first to admit I have the attention span of Dug from Up at times) and finish my posted WIPs before I work too hard on any I haven't started posting, but here's the status of my WIPs that haven't been posted.

1. Improbable- the sequel to Impossible. Criminal Minds/ Harry Potter x-over, Hermione/ Spencer pairing. Plot: Hermione had gone through with erasing Spencer's memory, and thought they'd both be able to get over their short but intense affair. But she quickly finds she made a mistake, and jumps at Kingsley's offer to get her into the BAU for a year so she can try to win his heart properly. But can one ever do a proper Obliviation charm on someone with an eidetic memory?
This one is around half, maybe a little more done. The MAJOR plot chapters have been done for a while, now I'm working on filler chapters. And I think I'm going to change a few details in she chapters I have to more accurately reflect what the BAU does and to not make it so happy all the time. I've sat on it recently with the recent cast changes, and I think I'm going to play into the middle of th middle of all that, when I started writing it, since I don't want to go edit in a major character I left out because the damn show got rid of, then brought back, Emily and JJ, had what's-her-name with no personality, broke up Kevin and Garcia (WTF?), got rid of Emily again, and is bringing in another person... it's too darn much to keep up with, especially since several of my scenes were written with Garcia mentioning or interacting with Kevin, and I'm NOT editing him out cuz I adore his character.

2. Unnamed Harry Potter fic, Snape/Hermione pairing. My twist on a marriage law-ish fic. Plot: After the war Hermione had vowed to keep Snape out of Azkaban, and she found a way to do so... but it would require her to marry him. She marries him to save him, but finds out that marriage to her former professor isn't as bad as it seems.
I have a couple chapters written, but this one is going to be a stinking novel because they aren't going to be happy and in love when they get married, it's going to take their marriage to get them there, and even then it's not going to happen overnight, because that would be totally OOC of them. But I solemnly swear there is no bizarre sex rule where they have to do it at the ministry once a week or something, those creep me out.

3. 31 Days, Harry Potter fic, Snape/Hermione pairing. This one is my take on a time-travel fic. After witnessing Severus' death, and in the midst of the Battle of Hogwarts Hermione confides to Dumbledore how upset she is over the Potion Master's death, and he says there may be a way to save him yet. Hermione agrees, and Dumbledore sends her back to Severus' seventh year at Hogwarts, using a spell that will automatically return her to the present in 31 days. She has a month to save him, but she soon finds that the younger Severus isn't much easier to deal with than the older one. But Hermione never backs down from a challenge, and may yet find a way to save him.
This one has about 8-10 chapters done, including most of the major plot points, but there's a few more to do, and some filler chapters. This one won't be as epic as some of the others, but it's still a decent length story.

4. Unnamed Harry Potter/Hunger Games crossover, Harry/Hermione pairing. This one is going to be a novel, maybe even a 2-part novel. The outline/summary of the first part is 8 pages long, and doesn't cover everything. Plot: Hermione was born in District  5. Her mother died in childbirth, and the girl next door who helped raise her is killed in the Games. From a young age those around her knows she has a gift, though they aren't sure exactly what. When her father is accused, tried, and executed for plotting against the Capitol Hermione's magic manifests, and she is taken by Severus Snape, a Victor, and they escape from 5, heading to 13 where the witches and wizards of Panem have sought refuge alongside the Muggles who survived the Dark Days. She is recruited at the age of 11, along with Harry (who is an orphan thanks to the Capitol as well), to train and participate in the 74th Hunger Games, not as regular tributes, but to save as many of the tributes as they can and break them out of the arena as publicly as possible, which will hopefully ignite a revolution in the Districts of Panem. But training for the Games is more than she bargains for, and the Games themselves threaten to break her. Above all that she knows she's being manipulated, and is torn between doing things for the greater good and saving what she remembers of herself. It follows Hermione through her early life, training, the Games, and the revolution.
I'll admit, at the moment I'm most excited about this one. Like, I wrote a teaser for it excited. But it is going to be a major undertaking, and when I start writing it I don't want anything else on my plate because it's going to take a long time and a lot of concentration.

What order I do these is up in the air right now. I really want to get Improbable up, since I've been promising it to people for ages. There's also a good chance that I'm going to have to keep the HG/HP crossover off ff.net because it's going to involve sex and violence, and I'd rather not it get taken down. The other ones I'm probably going to host on two different sites, to post the 'cleaner' version on ff.net, and the uncensored version elsewhere. But that's a decision for when one is ready to be posted.
As of right now, these are my only fics that are anything past the plot bunny stage. Even though my HP/Twilight crossovers rank as some of my most popular works, I have no concrete plans for one of those in the near future.
Feel free to PM me with any questions, and I may be on the hunt for betas for the two Snape/Hermione fics and the HP/HG fic, not for spelling and grammar, mainly just for either 1) a real fan of the Hermione/Snape pairing who can smack me back into character for the two of them if I get off course, or 2) a Hunger Games fan who can help me form some of my ideas into more concrete scenes. I have a wonderful beta, Ria Binger, who has been crazy awesome during my initial excitement over each fic and writing, I just want another set of eyes on some of these for assistance because I think sometimes I squick her out with the pairing and I don't expect her to know some of the more intimate details of a trilogy she hasn't read yet.
But I do love you, Ria! And Improbable is all yours ;)
So I've been getting a lot of reviews asking for quicker updates on my stories, and I recently was asked if I had abandoned 'This Isn't Happening', and I'm going to set the record straight.
No, I haven't abandoned my story. I love that story, but being as it was about pregnancy/childbirth/baby's first few months, and seeing as that's what I've been living since last January (though I didn't find out until March/April). And it wasn't a very easy pregnancy, delivery, or first few months, but it kind of ties into why I've been a horrible updater. As background, I'll tell you my first pregnancy was difficult, as well. I had preeclampsia, was hospitalized twice for blood pressure issues, and tried to push out a 10 pound baby, which ended after 13 hours of hard labor in a c-section (if I had known she was a 10 pound baby I would have just let them do the c-sect to begin with, which I think is what my doctor wanted to do anyways). So I didn't expect an easy one with this baby, either. I didn't find out I was pregnant until my second trimester, I had moved and didn't have access to my old doctor, and the only one I could go to was this awful clinic because, lo and behold, my hubby had gotten bumped from full time to part time, and thus we lost our health insurance and I had to rely on state aid. Luckily my blood pressure didn't seem to want to fight this time, but during a routine ultrasound early in my third trimester they found out that I had not enough amniotic fluid. I was placed under the care of a more experienced doctor, and had to get ultrasounds twice a week, always with the threat of a hospital stay looming over my head should things not go right with one. Which eventually happened, and the next day (after going into labor from the stress), I had my second daughter via c-section. You know how people always tell you that a mother knows when something is wrong? Well, I knew. There were no cries, the babbling and happy nurses suddenly went silent, and I was allowed to see her for about two seconds before she and my husband were rushed from the room. I got to see her for about 30 more seconds a few hours later before they put her on a ventilator. I don't care what religion you are, you're praying to every deity you can think of and then some when your baby is in the NICU on a vent. I was up and walking so quickly the nurses couldn't believe it, because I couldn't bear to wait for someone to push me down there to see her, being in one of the farthest rooms from the NICU be damned. Instead of happily getting to show my 3 year old daughter her new baby sister, I was regulated to pointing out her bed through a window. I didn't even get to hold my daughter for nearly three days. And I was lucky. Despite her lungs not working properly and needing bili-lights to help her liver, my little girl was a fighter, and ready to go home a week later, though still needing blood tests to make sure her bilirubin went down. And so the day after I brought her home, I took her back to get her tested, and was told to take her right back to the ER so she could be re-admitted. She hadn't slept a wink the night before, and I was pretty sure I was going to wind back up in the hospital myself from the stress when I was told that someone had been over-cautious, and I could take her home. Things were starting to look up, but we had been told it would be best to try to keep her out of daycare for the first year or so, which meant returning to the job I loved might not have happened.
It was about here that my grandpa's health took a downturn. My grandma had fallen when I was pregnant with my first daughter, and is now a quadriplegic, and my grandpa and brother had been taking care of her. With my grandpa's health now an issue, I was 'hired' to do his job for him, and therefore I could work with my baby there and not have to worry about daycare. Problem solved, right?
It was about here that my grandfather on the other side of my family passed. There had been some bad feelings between us in his last couple years, something I should have seen was the result of his failing physical and mental health, but which I wouldn't because some of the things he had said had hurt me so badly. I'm still not sure on where I am when it comes to forgiving him. I think I have, but some times I can still feel the hurt.
So a couple of months passed, and my grandpa (the first one) is in rapidly declining health. He's often hospitalized, and when he's not I see him almost every say, but he's not the same man I've known my whole life. Even then, however, he had this bond with my older daughter that is the type of thing you see in movies, not in real life. He always seemed alert around her, always ready to play one of the ridiculous games she made up on the spot that no one could possibly win but her, it was like having my grandpa back, and my daughter adored him.
Come January of this year, and things happen that make me feel like I'm ten years older than I am. Grandpa is still in and out of the hospital, it seems every other week or so. And my mom got injured, a broken foot, which, thanks to a childhood illness and disability, needed surgery. As we wait for that to happen my dad came home from work one day unable to catch his breath. I rushed him to the ER, and got the news the next day he had blood clots in both lungs and both legs. My dad has had a lot of health issues (to the point where a doctor has threatened to write a book about him), so this new condition means that he would be in the hospital for a couple weeks as meds are tweaked and his body's reactions are monitored. I wish I were joking here, but during his stay my mom had her surgery, in the same hospital, and at one point I was walking back and forth across the floor of the hospital from her room to his. That garners a lot of sympathy from the nurses, especially since they know I have two kids, including a four month old baby. Soon after everyone is home, and things seem to be going well, at least with my parents, until my mom injures her arm. Twice. And grandpa was back in the hospital on and off.
Mom got better, and we started thinking happy thoughts- including my mom planning a trip for my older daughter and my sister to go to Disney World together right after my daughter's 4th birthday. For a while I think my blood pressure might finally be able to recover.
Then grandpa gets sick again, and this time it looks like it's not going to get much better. I see him nearly every day, and I would never wish the fate of watching someone they love waste away like that on my worst enemy. They sent him home for hospice in April, and not long after that he passed. I tried to be as strong as I could for my daughter, who I knew would be hurting as soon as she realized that his death was permanent, but I fell apart. And ever since then I've been trying to pick up the pieces, but it seems like as soon as I'm almost over it something new will open the wound. I have rarely felt as helpless as I did the day my daughter started bawling and begging us to bring him back.
So May was a bit difficult for me, with some high and lows. Slowly I'm getting back to normal, but as they say time stands still for no one, and things have happened since then. My older daughter finished her first year of preschool, and without the structure of that and a few other classes she took, I quickly became her entertainment. She's enrolled in a few summer classes, but nothing compared to her preschool and none of them run the whole summer. My baby is growing like a weed, and seemingly picks up a new skill every day. We're close to crawling, she's standing if she can hold onto something, and she is starting to use words. She adores her sister, but still doesn't like it if Mommy isn't paying 100% attention to her. On top of all this my husband, who had finished school last December, has finally gotten a new job, which is exciting for him, but a bit scary for me, as he'll be gone more with this job just as I'm trying to figure out how to entertain both kids without giving one sun poisoning or letting the other destroy the house. All the time I would normally have spent writing has been taken up by trying to deal with everything going on, but I do write on occasion to escape things.
And so I don't think I can write another chapter of This Isn't Happening until I can think of a young child and not have every horrid thought I had while sitting in the NICU with a sick baby surrounded by sick babies brings up. It was not a good time, and I'll never get some of those things out of my head. Plus, dealing with a baby sort of kills the urge to write about the experience, no matter how good the story is.
I'm going to finish A Twist of Fate, hopefully by this time next week. I loved it, it was my happy story, but it's where it needs to end.
I just posted a new chapter of The Hunter and the Hunted. I may be focusing on this one quite a bit in the near future, as it's at a nice, angsty point, and so am I.
I also have two WIPs that I'm not posting. The sequel to Impossible, entitled Improbable, is about 50% done. I have the main chapters written, I just have to fill in the spaces between them as to not have the most horribly choppy story in existence.
The second is a Snape/Hermione fic, which I have written several chapters of, but that's all the info you get. I actually have two, but since I can't write two SS/HGs at the same time and not wind up messing up details from the two, I'm focusing on one and will get back to the other.
I'm doing my best, and I'm really trying, but it's going to take time. Thanks to everyone who has been patient through this, and soon I hope to be back to my quick-updating self.